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Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope in the News:
Dr. Kituku raising money to run girls school in Kenya

KTVBBOISE -- A well-known public speaker and writer who lives in the Treasure Valley is working to educate young girls in Kenya. Dr. Vincent Kituku is hoping to take over and run a school there, and he just got a big grant to help make his dream a reality.

SchoolIt's a project that's been years in the making.

"What you do for yourself can get you by. What you do for others is what gets you ahead," said Dr. Kituku, who is president of the Caring Hearts & Hands of Hope organization.

That principle has driven him throughout his life. Dr. Kituku is passionate about making a difference, especially in his home country of Kenya.

"We are not just paying tuition for children, we are transforming communities," he added.

Dr. Kituku is working to educate young girls in Kenya. It costs about $500 a year for a high school education there, money many families just don't have, but that's not the only factor working against them.

"Even if a girl is educated, she's going to be married by another family and go benefit that family, so if a father has a daughter, and a son he is going to provide the boy education and not the girl," said Kituku.

So, he decided to do something to change that trend. Dr. Kituku wants to buy an existing high school and make it possible for hundreds of girls to attend.

"We are getting children who would never have gone to school." Donate please. You kind and generous gift is appreciated in advance.
Make a Donation Now!Please talk to your family members, friends and colleagues about what Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope is doing: changing the world, one child at a time, and ask them to help.  Each contribution gets us closer to achieving the $1.3 million goal of our capital campaign. Again, your contribution is fully tax deductible.
Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope, is a 501 (c) 3, EIN 27-3127770.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Caring Hearts & Hearts of Hope, Inc. This is a non-profit program whose main purpose is to provide hope for a better tomorrow for Kenyan orphans and children of widows, poverty stricken parents who suffer from hunger, lack of tuition and predictable means of support for day-to-day living.

A solid education is a lasting solution for children who have lost parents (most of them due to AIDS), or children of poor widows and single mothers and those from poverty stricken families. In Kenya, a student with a high school diploma can be trained for a career such as teaching, hotel management, pharmaceutical technology, computer technician, and thousands of other professional endeavors.

Our goal is to assist those students who are in high school and are performing well (among the top 30 in their class) and meet the criteria stated in our vision and mission. Students who qualify are supported, if sponsors and funds are available, regardless of their tribe, religion, gender or any human defined category of people.

Donate NowMission: The mission for Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope Inc. is to touch and improve the lives of orphan children and children of widows and/or poverty stricken parents in Kenya who have no food or financial support for high school education and lack means for predictable livelihood.

Areas of Focus:
  • Tuition and fees for high school students who are orphans (with no income generating relatives), children of widows (with no income generating relatives) and those from poverty stricken families
  • Food and sustenance for poor widows and single mothers, especially during famine
  • Creation of predictable livelihood for poor widows and single mothers

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